Frédéric Michel – Lawyer in Mougins close to Cannes

Fairfield Law Firm is based in Mougins near the city of Cannes as to satisfy the needs of his clients. The firms practice areas focus on estate and companies, which cover all aspects of real estate law, business law and inheritance law.

The law firm is fully committed to the main principles of the lawyer profession.

Confidentiality, independence, and dedication. Fairfield Law needs to assess with caution the nature and the scope of the legal operation at stake, in order to provide the best appropriate legal advice. The attorney remains the client’s confidant and continues to maintain absolute confidentiality during and after this relationship.

Professional secrecy remains the top priority for Fairfield. It covers all areas of law, counselling and litigation. As a result, any meeting, memorandum, letters, notes or any information sent by the firm to the client whatsoever, remain confidential. Failing this practice, the lawyer would be exposed to criminal penalties.

Inheritance Law

Real estate law

Business Law

Fairfield – Attorney at the Grasse Bar: Cannes, Mougins, Antibes

Fairfield guarantee an absolute confidentiality to their clients and offers global legal advice in counselling and/or litigation, in French or English. This approach is based on:

  • analysing and anticipating client needs;
  • proposing clear and practical legal solutions;
  • availability and implication;
  • efficiency and costs control.