Real estate lawyer

The Real estate sector covers various areas such as construction, management, property development, expertise and involves many players like real estate agent, property developer, constructor companies, property manager, property trader, architect, notary and attorney.

Real estate operations can turn into complicated matters due to heavy regulation. Fairfield Law strives for balance between protecting public interest (urban planning, environment) and private interests (building permit, owner rights, lessee rights,..)

As a result, it is therefore mandatory to study the construction project (real estate development, sale before completion), the renovation project, or real estate acquisition or sale to assess the legal risks.

Concerning real estate acquisition for instance, it should be studied if the acquisition will be made directly or through a special purpose vehicle. (société civile, société en nom collectif, société à responsabilité). Specific attention will be made to the existing contracts on the property (commercial lease, residential lease, professional lease, real estate leasing) or relating to the financing of the property. Real estate financing is usually secured by security interests like mortgage, pledge, liens and/or personal security such as guarantee issued by a company or an individual, guarantee on first demand.

Fairfield law firm advise you on the following:

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Real estate finance
  • Securities and guarantees
  • Leases
  • On-going Business
  • Real estate professionals
  • Constructors liability
  • Construction insurance
  • Property development
  • Tourism and services residences

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